Trailer - Citizen Paine

Hear about the new podcast musical from The Audio Ballads.

Trailer - Citizen Paine

Citizen Paine Episode 7

In the final episode, Tom sails home to an America that looks very different to the one he left fifteen years before.

Citizen Paine Episode 6

Inspired by events across the Channel, Tom crosses to France to play his part in the Revolution. But the guillotine soon begins to cast its ominous shadow...

Citizen Paine Episode 5

Inspired by events in France, Tom comes home to liberate England. But the establishment have other ideas...

Citizen Paine Episode 4

The revolution is here! How hard can it be? Pretty hard, actually...

Citizen Paine Episode 3

Paine encounters the dark heart of America and lights a beacon for liberty...

Citizen Paine Episode 2

Disaster looms for Tom - but is there a chance for a fresh start?

Citizen Paine Episode 1

We begin the extraordinary journey of Tom Paine's life.

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